Spice introduced us to the breed.  What a wonderful introduction she was, her temperament is amazing - she is very laid back and very playful, she enjoys company and follows you around all day long. 


She did a couple of photoshoots for various companies such as Metacam and Purina - she loved going out and about.

Unfortunately we found out that Spice is PRA affected, the genetic test was new in 2016, we were one of the few breeders in the UK at the time to test.  Luckily she never had kittens, she was blind by the age of 2.  I always said she would stay here and live out the rest of her days but she found that life in a multicat household was just too much as she got stressed not being able to see where the other cats were.  We found that when the others had kittens they would attack her and so it was in her best interest to be homed as an only cat.  We found a wonderful home for her where she is spoilt rotten.  We really miss her as she was everywhere you were and our first bengal but we realised she was stressed and she deserved a better life. 

Kamrita Solace of Cositoes

Solly was our first stud boy.  I hated the idea of sending my girls away for a week or two to be mated, I can't bear the thought of them somewhere they don't know without their home comforts so we had always intended to get our own boy.  When we found out Spice was blind, her breeder kindly let us have Solly from her litter at the time.

He is a lovely sturdy boy, very solidly built.  His coat is absolutely dripping with glitter and he really sparkles in the sun.  He is very dark considering he doesn't have any charcoal genetics an his coat consists of lots of small rosettes and spots.  He has a lovely short fat tail and a sweet temperament, he loves nothing more than a good old back scratch!  

He has been shown lightly as a kitten and had some good write ups and results including a Best of Breed at The Supreme.

Having given us two keeper daughters (Cositoes Classic Cava & Cositoes Tonic) we decided to neuter him as we just don't feel we can spend enough time with two entire boys to keep them both happy.

Health Tests

PKDEF - N/N genetically clear

PRA - N/N genetically clear

HCM - scanned normal March 2017


Colour - cs/cs (seal lynx snow)

               A/A (agouti ie. patterned)


Cositoes Cava

We intended to breed from Cava but she didn't grow enough really and she got on so well with Solly when he was neutered we thought they were better suited to a sofa somewhere together :)

Cava is our homebred girl from Spec and Solly.  We had always intended to keep a girl out of this mating and I have to say from the moment she was born this was the one who was stopping!

She is such a sweet girl, a real fusspot with a tiny little voice.


Health Tests

PKDEF - N/N genetically clear

PRA - N/N genetically clear

HCM - scanned normal August 2018


Colour - cs/cs (seal lynx snow)

               A/a (carrier of non-agouti)

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