We have a litter of kittens from Spec and our TICA Champion Shady.  ALL KITTENS RESERVED. 

To see more photos and videos, have a look at our Facebook page:

9Weeks_Mink (7)_wm
9Weeks_Mink (6)_wm
9Weeks_Mink (4)_wm
9Weeks_Mink (2)_wm
9Weeks_Girl2 (1)_wm
9Weeks_Girl2 (6)_wm
9Weeks_Girl2 (7)_wm
9Weeks_Girl2 (9)_wm
9Weeks_Girl1 (2)_wm
9Weeks_Girl1 (5)_wm
9Weeks_Girl1 (7)_wm
9Weeks_Girl1 (3)_wm
9Weeks_Boy2 (5)_wm
9Weeks_Boy2 (6)_wm
9Weeks_Boy2 (1)_wm
9Weeks_Boy2 (3)_wm
9Weeks_Boy1 (7)_wm
9Weeks_Boy1 (1)_wm
9Weeks_Boy1 (3)_wm
9Weeks_Boy1 (5)_wm
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