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Siena joins our programme as we were missing a nice brown rosetted girl.  We were supposed to be waiting a bit longer but when she came up as available I couldn't stop looking at her.  She has some fantastic qualities to compliment Shady and because she carriers the burmese colour genetics this means we can produce some sepia (and mink) with Shady.  

She is a purry, outgoing, playful little lady and loves a game of fetch - in fact she is just like a female version of Shady so am looking forward to seeing what they produce in future.


Health Tests

PKDEF - N/N genetically clear

PRA - N/N genetically clear

HCM - scanned normal August 2018


Colour - C/cb (carrier of burmese colouration ie. with                           Shady can produce sepia cb/cb)

               Apb/A (with Shady we will have double apbs                              and apb carriers)




Cositoes Tonic

Jasmine is our silver snow (SpecxSolly).  


She has a lovely structure, wonderful clear coat with contrast and a lovely muzzle and her temperament is absolutely amazing.  She has had her first litter with Shady and produced some gorgeous kittens as he makes up for anything Jasmine lacks.


She has also become very popular with our daughter and I think will be a keeper anyway!  She has since won 2 CCs at a GCCF show, her first show as an adult.  She is a really big girl (bigger than her mum and dad) and has a really wild cat walk, it's like having a snow leopard in the house.

Health Tests

PKDEF - N/N genetically clear

PRA - N/N genetically clear

HCM Normal 


Colour - cs/cs (seal lynx snow) SILVER

               A/a (carrier of non-agouti)

Billandbengals Tweed of Cositoes

F4 Gen


We were looking for a nice brown rosetted fully health tested queen but I couldn't find anything good enough, I am a bit of a perfectionist!  Then I came across some photos of Tweed and it was love at first sight.

We never intended to really go into earlier gen although we had always loved them and the reasons we had been put off was  the way the majority are brought up - being stuck in a cattery with no socialisation.

Tweed on the other hand is the most socialised kitten, she has been brought up in the home and is a superbly confident, playful and friendly little thing.  Her type is lovely and we have had a couple of fab litters from her, she brings through her wild type in the odd one or two kittens and the others tend to inherit the bigger rosettes from dad.  Her kittens are F5 which means they are be 5 generations away from the Asian Leopard Cat Sarez Little L.  She is an amazing mum, she loves fussing over kittens and her kittens have all inherited her wonderful temperament.

Health Tests

PKDEF - N/N genetically clear

PRA - N/N genetically clear

HCM -  scanned normal March 2017, August 2018


Colour - Apb/A (charcoal carrier) 

               C/cs (siamese ie.  seal lynx snow carrier)

Sumarum Spectrum of Cositoes

Spec is an import to bring in some new blood to our lines.  We wanted to bring a girl into our family from good healthy lines but we also liked the charcoal colouration, this girl has parents and all four grandparents tested HCM clear as well as some great grandparents.  

She has a lovely sweet temperament and loves to pay with her Da Bird toy, she goes wild for it and if we hide it she seeks it out and carries it off!  She has had a couple of litters and may have just one more here.


Health Tests

PKDEF - N/N genetically clear

PRA - N/N genetically clear

HCM - scanned normal Nov '16, August 2018


Colour - Apb/a (charcoal) 

               cs/cs (seal lynx snow) 



Awarded her first CC at 10 months old 01.10.16


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